Well Decomissioning

Do you have an abandoned well on your property?

Decommissioning a well means to permanently fill in and seal it, eliminating it as a source of water.

Old Wells can be a source of contamination to our aquifers. If it's not in use consider a well decommission. If you qualify for funding eligible expenses are covered by 90%.

If you want to decommission a well please contact us and we will assist you with the process.


Refer to this Fact Sheet for more information on the decommissioning process.

Well Decommissioning

There are numerous benefits to decommissioning abandoned wells on your property and is an important action to protect the ground water resources below the property. The vital importance of proper well management can not be stressed enough. The safety of your family, the integrity of Ground Water sources and the future success of your farming operation could be in jeopardy unless proper steps are taken.

Looking for Registered Drillers?

Click here for a listing of Registered Drillers who are knowledgeable about drilling new wells or decommissioning unused wells.