Water Testing

Saskatchewan's Water Quality Standards and Objectives

Testing Water for a New Well

  • After drilling test holes you will want to test the water

  • Fill a 1 litre clean plastic bottle with sample

  • Will water be used for both human consumption and livestock?

  • Samples must be submitted 48 hours after collection

Is your water fit for livestock consumption? Click here to find out

Click here for the Chemical Requisition Form to Test Your Water


What Analysis to Choose:

General Chemistry Water Quality $94.50

  • This recommended for general water quality but DOES NOT test for the presence of bacteria

Livestock Only Water source is $31.50

  • Less in-depth analysis

Click here to order sample containers

Water Testing For a New Well (Chemical Requisition)

  • Special Sample Containers must be Ordered!

  • Or check for sample containers at your local RM Office

  • Be sure to order containers ahead of time before taking water samples and drilling test holes

  • This test can also be used to test for Nitrates

Water Test copy.jpg

Submit samples to:

      • Saskatchewan Disease Control Laboratory

      • 5 Research Drive

      • Regina, SK S4S 0A4

For More Information Call Saskatchewan Disease Control Laboratory

1 (306) 787-7138

Testing for Bacteria Only (Routine Testing)