Well Decommissioning

We have hosted well decommissioning workshops in the past where we would invite R.M. ratepayers, council members and contractors to attend.

A two day Well Decommissioning Blitz was held in Ponteix and Bateman. 30 people attended the event.

Proper well decommissioning means ground water and aquifers will be protected for future use.

To properly seal an abandoned well bentonite clay is used. Bentonite clay is less permeable than soil forcing surface water to move through the undisturbed soil profile instead of going down an old well. This ensures the soil filters out potential contamination. Filling old wells with rock will not prevent contamination of ground water and may provide adequate habitat for snakes.

If you have an abandoned well you want to decommission please call us (306) 648-3320 and we can facilitate the process and help you fill out the paper work. Following the pre-approval process well decommissioning is currently funded at 90% through the Farm & Ranch Water Infrastructure Program. Call today!