Gravelbourg Water Plant Tour

Post date: Apr 27, 2015 8:29:46 PM

Gravelbourg You Should be Proud of Your Water!


Water is pumped from Thompson Lake to the Water Treatment Plant


First Set of Filters the Nano-Filters


How does the Gravelbourg’s Water get from Thompson Lake into your home?

There are many steps that water will flow through in the water treatment plant. One of these steps is filtration.

Filtration is the process of removing solids from a fluid by passing it through a porous medium.

There are different types of filters some of best quality water comes from a membrane filtration system. There are four types of membrane filtration systems.

The Separation Process: Membrane Filtration

Reverse Osmosis

    • Purest form of water! This type of filter removes almost everything present in water. It can remove even some of the minerals we may want in our water.


    • Very High quality water. This type of filter can even soften hard water.


    • High Quality water. This filter is capable of removing organic compounds and some viruses.


    • This is a good step to remove large particles so other filters do not get plugged.

2 Step Filtration

Gravelbourgs water plant uses Nano-Filtration and Ultra-Filtration. The water is very pure after filtration, which means it does not need to be treated with as many chemicals. The quality of water after filtration is so high quality the only chemicals needed are one to balance the pH and chlorine.

Did You Know?

Gravelbourg’s old water treatment methods involved filtering water with sand pits.

There are two days worth of water kept as back-up storage.

Filters need to be back-washed every 35 minutes

Water Entering the second set of Filters the Ultra filters. The Pores of this filter are so small you could fit .01 of a micron through them.

How Big is a Micron?!

To learn more visit the link :

If you want to know more drop by the Gravelbourg Water Plant.


Something to think about when you drink your next glass of water!