Sask. Tree for Life Program

The Old Wives Watershed Association (OWWA), in partnership with the Saskatchewan Association of Watersheds, Environment and Climate Change Canada and other member watersheds are excited to announce the launch of the Saskatchewan Tree for Life Program. This program is aimed at educating and increasing public awareness of climate change and to promote positive environmental impact by distributing and planting 24000 trees across Saskatchewan.

Trees help mitigate climate change by sequestering carbon. A young tree can absorb 13 pounds of CO2 each year, and approximately 48 pounds of CO2 per year at 10 years of age. Trees provide habitat for wildlife and pollinators and are instrumental in reducing erosion and nutrient loading along shorelines resulting in improved water quality of lakes, rivers, and wetlands.

We will be offering up to 50 free trees per person, farm, business or organization. Tree varieties include:

Shrub Willow

Sandbar Willow

Prairie Sky Poplar

Hill Poplar

White Spruce

Blue Spruce

To receive your tree(s), we are asking people to participate in our Climate Change Survey and take pictures of their planted tree. By doing this, you are also eligible to win 1 of 10 $500 gift cards! Just upload your picture on social media, use #SKTreeforLife and tag us using one of four social media handles:

Facebook - @SKTreeForLifeProgram

Instagram - @SKTreeforLife

Twitter - @sk_program

LinkedIn - sk-tree-for-life

For more information contact the Old Wives Watershed Association or visit