Bird Quest 2015

Post date: Jun 16, 2015 9:47:12 PM

We had an excellent turnout for Bird Quest 2015 there were 45 species of birds identified! There were too numerous to count, which is a welcome sight out on Old Wives Lake Migratory Bird Sanctuary.

Old Wives Lake, as seen from space.

What is a Important Bird Area (IBA)? Click here to find out more.

Marla Anderson from Nature Saskatchewan was very knowledgeable and highlighted the importance of Migratory Bird Areas.

Setting up the spotting scope.

A Ruddy Duck. With their cartoonish blue bills there were a crowd pleaser. Click on the image to learn more!

Marla was identifying birds as they flew by. We couldn't believe some birds can be identified by how they fly.

The Bobolink. Male are identified by their backward tuxedo (white back and black belly) and light yellow patches helmet on their head.

The beautiful church in Courval. You have to love rustic Saskatchewan. Join us next year for our Bird Quest 2016 be watching our facebook page for details.