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Canadian Agricultural Partnership: Farm Stewardship Program

Farm Stewardship Program:

The Farm Stewardship Program (FSP) provides Saskatchewan producers funding to implement beneficial management practices (BMPs) in three priority areas – water, climate change and biodiversity.

The FSP focuses on four outcomes:

  • Demonstrated improvements on water quality;
  • Demonstrated reductions in greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Enhanced resilience of the agriculture sector; and
  • Biodiversity maintained.

A BMP is defined as any agricultural management practice that: 

  • Ensures the long-term health and sustainability of land-related resources used for agricultural production; 
  • Positively impacts the long-term economic and environmental viability of agricultural production; and 
  • Minimizes negative impacts and risk to the environment.


Each BMP has its own funding limits and eligibility requirements.  Separate applications must be made for each eligible project. To learn about a specific BMP, please refer to the BMP page.