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Farm, Ranch and Water Infrastructure Program

Are you a new producer? Are you wanting to upgrade or build new infrastructure on the the farm? You have come to the right place you may be able to access funding for the following projects. For more information call our technician Cierra Wallington (306) 650-7172 or email for more information
Deadlines for all projects are AUGUST 1st 2017.

  • You own 320 acres or more of Farmland in Saskatchewan
  • You earn a minimum of $35,000 gross farm income

Well Development:

New wells

Decommissioning old wells

Protecting existing wells


New Dugouts

Dugout expansions


Shallow buried pasture pipelines

Deep buried pipelines

Deep buried pipelines that connect to an established municipal water source

Livestock Watering Systems:

Solar or remote watering systems for environmental purposes


Crop spraying projects will be evaluated on a case by case basis and must be for substantial agriculture use and have adequate water storage to be eligible.

Contact Old Wives Watershed for more information (306) 648- 3220.