Saskatchewan's Water Quality Standards and Objectives

Water Testing For a New Well (Chemical Requisition

Testing Water for a New Well

  • After drilling test holes you will want to test the water
  • Fill a 1 litre clean plastic bottle with sample
  • Will water be used for both human consumption and livestock?
  • Samples must be submitted 48 hours after collection
Is your water fit for livestock consumption? Click here to find out

What Analysis to Choose:

General Chemistry Water Quality $94.50

  • This recommended for general water quality but DOES NOT test for the presence of bacteria
Livestock Only Water source is $31.50
  • Less in-depth analysis

  • Special Sample Containers must be Ordered! 
  • Or check for sample containers at your local RM Office
  • Be sure to order containers ahead of time before taking water samples and drilling test holes
  • This test can also be used to test for Nitrates

Submit samples to: 
  • Saskatchewan Disease Control Laboratory
    5 Research Drive
    Regina, SK   S4S 0A4 

For More Information Call Saskatchewan Disease Control Laboratory  
1 (306) 787-7138

Yes, You can get Funding for a New Well. 
Click the Farm & Ranch Water Infrastructure Program to Learn if You Are Eligible!